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J'utilise ce Blog pour garder la trace d'enchères hors de prix sur eBay

Monday, January 16, 2006

- 1180$ !! - AFX CARS,TRACK PEICES,TRUCKS - (item 6028243860)

eBay: AFX CARS,TRACK PEICES,TRUCKS AND MORE (item 6028243860 end time Jan-15-06 22:20:17 PST)

Despite an evidence of shill bidding at the start of auction, this pack of really rare cars reached a high price.

- AFX Lotus Essex (both versions, the chrome and the rare paper one!)
- AFX Madom Lotus
- AFX Porsche 934 Brown Orange #81 !
- AFX Ford Capri Alitalia

These were the five rare cars in this auction, the rest were more common


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