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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

- 1200 $ - AFX Porsche 934 Le Mans 31 - (item 140247214249 )

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Afx Aurora Porsche 934 Le Mans 31 - eBay (item 140247214249 end time Jul-13-08 06:58:09 PDT)

1200 bucks for this so rare Porsche 934

Notice that the same buyer has bought all 5 rarest cars from this Belgium seller for a whopping total of 7875 dollars for the 5 !


Blogger Jeff B. of Inwood said...

Back in 1998, I received the body of this car in a box lot from a fellow in Australia. One window post was broken, and the other missing. There was some other minor damage and the stickers were present, but soiled.

I thought the color scheme was butt-ugly and was just about to strip it down and spray paint it red when I got ahold of slot car price guide and did a screeching halt. I put the body on ebay and sold it, to my surprise, for $100.

The guy who bought it emailed me back that he had restored it. Pictures were on his website (which I cannot remember now).

01 July, 2010 18:07


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